Thriving on Plants : by Cherie Tu

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Author(s): Tu, Cherie

Since becoming vegan on 20 January 2014, Cherie Tu has made it her mission to help inspire others through cooking.
Whether you're looking to incorporate more vegies in your diet or simply curious about plant-based foods, Thriving On Plants allows you to learn, create and have fun in the kitchen. This book is full of Cherie's favourite recipes for delicious breakfasts to start your day, satisfying mains to keep you going through the afternoon and an epic spread of scrumptious desserts and sweet treats. She also shares her list of must-have fridge and pantry staple ingredients as well as recipes for 12 essential basics which include nut butter, easy chocolate sauce and vanilla cashew cream. You'll also find simple recipes for vegan dressings, 'parmesan' and 'sour cream'.
Cherie shows just how easy it is to thrive on a vegan lifestyle, and how amazing it is to eat an abundance of delicious food without harming animals.

About the author:

Based in Sydney, Australia, Cherie Tu is a passionate advocate for a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.
She started her vegan journey on social media, reaching out to the online community for support, encouragement and food inspiration. She has since become a part of that community, sharing her plant-based recipes and experiences across multiple platforms and making a positive impact on her audience.
Coupled with her other love of fitness and strength training, Cherie believes balance is the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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Product Form: Paperback / softback

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