The Watch Tower: Collectors Edition: Introduction by Joan London

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Author(s): Harrower, Elizabeth

After Laura and Clare are abandoned by their mother, Felix is there to help, even to marry Laura if she will have him. Little by little the two sisters grow complicit with his obsessions, his cruelty, his need to control.

Set in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney during the 1940s, The Watch Tower is a novel of relentless and acute psychological power.

About the author:

Elizabeth Harrower was born in Sydney in 1928. She lived in Newcastle until her family moved back to Sydney when she was eleven. In 1951 Harrower travelled to London and began to write. Her first novel, Down in the City, was published there in 1957 and was followed by The Long Prospect a year later. In 1959 she returned to Sydney, where she worked in radio and then in publishing. Her third novel, The Catherine Wheel, appeared in 1960.

Harrower published The Watch Tower, the novel often called her masterpiece, in 1966. Four years later she finished In Certain Circles, but withdrew it from publication at the last moment. The novel was finally published in 2014, to great acclaim. As well as novels Harrower wrote short stories, most of which are collected in A Few Days in the Country (2015).

She is one of the most important postwar Australian writers. She was admired by many of her contemporaries, including Patrick White and Christina Stead, who both became lifelong friends. Her fiction is now reaching a new generation of readers and writers.

Elizabeth Harrower lives in Sydney.

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