Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success

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Author(s): Reum, Courtney, Reum, Carter

'Shortcut Your Startup shows you how to launch a sustainable startup so that both you and your business can thrive.' Arianna Huffington

The world of startups is more competitive than ever- what will make yours stand out from the crowd? Shortcut Your Startup has the answers you need. Star entrepreneurs Courtney and Carter Reum have invested in such global successes as Lyft, Pinterest and SpaceX, as well as launching a multimillion-dollar business of their own - they have the hands on experience, insights and tips that will make all the difference.

The first step is to rip up the rule book. Convinced that only killer new ideas will work? No, sometimes it makes more sense to capitalise on others' innovations. Have people advised you to manage everything yourself? They should have told you to outsource all but your venture's key strengths. Moving from initial idea to exist strategy, the Reum brothers take received wisdom, turn it on its head, and give you the real low-down on what works.

Whether you're a business veteran looking for new ways to boost performance and reinvent your brand, or an aspiring entrepreneur ready to take a leap of faith, Shortcut Your Startup is an essential guide that will speed up your journey to success.

'Courtney and Carter Reum have generously pulled back the curtain to reveal the tools and tactics that many of the most successful startups use to disrupt, scale and succeed.' Tony Robbins

About the author:

Courtney and Carter Reum are entrepreneurs, investors and former Goldman Sachs investment bankers. After co-founding and eventually successfully selling VEEV Spirits, Courtney and Carter started M13, an investing platform that specialises in scaling consumer-centric brands. Together they have invested in companies ranging from Lyft to Pinterest to SpaceX. They currently live in Los Angeles, where they run day-to-day operations at M13.

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Publication Date: 20180129


Product Form: Paperback / softback

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