JapanEmoji! : The Characterful Guide to Living Japanese

Product Form: Hardback
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Author(s): Griffiths, Ed

How to live Japanese delivered through 100 familiar modern icons - humble emojis.

These Japanese inventions, used around the world by billions, are simple, playful gateways into the essential elements of Japanese living.

Cherry blossom, autumn leaves, love hotel, manner mode, kimono, lantern, the star festival, moon viewing, mount fuji, bullet train, the tokyo tower, noh theater, anime, hanafuda, panda, snow monkey, chopsticks, ramen, sushi, bento, sake and green tea - they are all on your phone and explained inside this book...

Covers- weather and seasons, getting around, attire, relationships, etiquette, traditions, festivities, national icons, sports, leisure, fauna, eating and drinking.

About the author:

Ed Griffiths worked in publishing in London for ten years before leaving in 2014 to follow his dream to live in Tokyo, having fallen in love with Japan on his first visit in 2007. He completed a MA in Linguistics at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) at the University of London in 2018. He is currently studying and working at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

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ISBN-13: 9781785039898

Audience: General/trade

Language: English

Number of Pages: 128

Publication Date: 20190319


Product Form: Hardback

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