Tried, Tested and True : Stories and recipes celebrating the traditions of Australian community cookbooks

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Author(s): Harfull, Liz

A priceless collection of classic Australian recipes that really work, from the bestselling author of The Blue Ribbon Cookbook.

About the author:

Liz Harfull is passionate about telling the stories of Australia's quiet voices-the extraordinary, everyday people who make up our communities. An award-winning journalist and rural communicator, she grew up on a farm near Mount Gambier, discovering her love of both writing and cooking at a young age.

In 2006, Liz walked away from corporate life to write books. Her leap of faith was rewarded two years later with The Blue Ribbon Cookbook, which captured the stories and traditions of South Australian country shows and show cooks, and became a surprise bestseller. It even took the author to Paris after winning a Gourmand World Cookbook Award.
Since then Liz has written two national bestsellers, Women of the Land and The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook. Inspired by her mother, her most recent book, City Girl Country Girl, explored the adventures of women from the city and overseas as they made new lives in rural Australia.

Today Liz lives in the Adelaide Hills, occasionally finding time to bake scones and make jam, while juggling a business writing career.

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ISBN-13: 9781760291044


Language: English

Number of Pages: 320

Publication Date: 20180328

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Product Form: Hardback

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