Skills in Clinical Nursing + Clinical Reasoning

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Author(s): Tracy Levett-Jones, Audrey Berman, Shirlee Snyder, Trish Burton, Nichole Harvey

This pack contains 1 copy of Skills in Clinical Nursing and 1 copy of Clinical Reasoning.


Berman, Skills in Clinical Nursing is a visual Australian resource to support nurses to achieve competency in the most relevant skills performed in clinical practice, aligned to the NMBA standards for professional practice.

The first Australian edition of Skills in Clinical Nursing is a definitive resource that has been designed as a practical and easy-to-navigate reference for both the classroom and clinical practice settings. This text includes 95 of the most important skills performed by nursing students and graduates, organised from simple to complex and written to reflect current evidence-based practice guidelines.

Clinical Reasoning

An Australian text designed to address the key area of clinical reasoning in nursing practice.

Using a series of authentic scenarios, Clinical Reasoning guides students through the clinical reasoning process while challenging them to think critically about the nursing care they provide.

With scenarios adapted from real clinical situations that occurred in healthcare and community settings, this edition continues to address the core principles for the provision of quality care and the prevention of adverse patient outcomes.

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ISBN-13: 9781488687716

Audience: College/higher education

Language: English

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Publication Date: 20180131

Publisher: Pearson Education Australia

Product Form: Multiple copy pack

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