Shine From Within : A Teen Girl's Guide to Life

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Author(s): Rootsey, Amanda

Shine from Within is the go-to guide to help girls navigate their teen years with a positive, fresh take on self-image and overall wellbeing.
Amanda Rootsey brings a wealth of experience not only from her own teenage years but also from her work with teenage girls through her Shine from Within programs.
Amanda delivers a book that teens will want to read- big sister guidance written in a fun, caring, relatable style, which also makes it a perfect gift from mums, aunts, god mothers and friends for the teen girl in their life.
This book guides girls to feel validated, to learn to love and accept themselves and to build positive and healthy relationships with friends and family.
Like nothing else on the market, Shine from Within combines self-discovery and inspiration with practical skills for teens to grow and become the best version of themselves in this modern world.
Packed with advice on organic/natural beauty, classic fashion, modern friendships and self-love, this teen manual includes-
Easy practical steps to gain more self-confidence and self-love
Fun inspiring breakout quotes
Relatable mini stories from real teens
Tips for job applications
Self-care rituals and nourishing skincare routines
Make up tips using natural ingredients
Fashion advice for every body shape
Etiquette for all social situations - even the awkward ones.
Shine from Within has the potential to set a teen girl on a more positive course, create discussion amongst friends and, potentially, save a teen girl's life.

About the author:

Amanda Rootsey is a cancer-survivor, former international model, inspiring speaker and gentle guide. She has been mentioned in The Collective as a gamechanger, has shown the hosts of The Today Show how to use food as make up and has been described as an 'eco-activist' by Cleo. Amanda has helped hundreds of young girls through her holistic self-development school, Shine from Within, which has struck a chord with families across Australia due it's focus on self-love, compassion for others and healthy living. Her positive, yet calming attitude provides a nurturing environment for her young students. Website-

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Publication Date: 20180820

Publisher: Hay House

Product Form: Paperback / softback

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