A Decline in Prophets

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Author(s): Gentill,Sulari

A Rowland Sinclair Novel
In 1932, the RMS Aquitania embodies all that is gracious and refined, in a world gripped by crisis and doubt.
Returning home on the luxury liner after months abroad, Rowland Sinclair and his companions dine with a suffragette, a Bishop and a retired World Prophet. The Church encounters less orthodox religion in the Aquitania's chandeliered ballroom, where men of God rub shoulders with mystics in dinner suits.
The elegant atmosphere on board is charged with tension, but civility prevails. until people start to die. Then things get a bit awkward.
And Rowland finds himself unwittingly in the centre of it all.

About the author:

Award-winning author Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, ended up graduating in law, and later abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts. When the mood takes her, she paints, although she maintains that she does so only well enough to know that she should write. She grows French black truffles on her farm in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of NSW, which she shares with her young family and several animals. Sulari is author of award-winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, a series of historical crime fiction novels set in the 1930s about Rowland Sinclair, the gentleman artist-cum- amateur-detective.

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ISBN-13: 9780987068538


Language: English

Number of Pages: 368

Publication Date: 20120201

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Product Form: Paperback / softback

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