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 It’s the age-old question. 

You peer into your wardrobe and all you see are stacks of puzzles staring back at you, silently judging.

Or, maybe you’re building skyscrapers on top of your wardrobe. 

After a while, a puzzle avalanche or hoarders guilt begins to become overwhelming.

But what are some ways to declutter the wardrobe and save your dog from too many puzzle “snacks”.

We’ve compiled a list of some easy ways to relieve the guilt and up cycle some of those jigsaw puzzles.

1. Wall Mount It

This is a great option for visually striking puzzles.

jigsaw puzzle

2. Travel Map

A perfect opportunity to have a visual reminder of the places you have travelled or places on the bucket list. 


Tip: Use different coloured pins to separate the ‘have visited’ and the ‘want to visit.

jigsaw puzzle map3. Donate 

As long as you haven’t lost any pieces, donating is a great way to re-use your puzzle. Charity stores will often take complete puzzles. It’s a way to feel good about getting rid of your item, without it ending up in landfill.

st vincent

4. Sell it on eBay

For a small amount of legwork, you can make a little money on the side selling some of your used puzzles. Obviously, they won’t help you to buy a new car, but they might pay for that weekly coffee addition. Simply pick up some pre-paid parcels from the local Post Office, list your item on eBay (use the phone app to save time) and wait for the sale.

shipping box

5. Share it with a friend

Most people know someone who enjoys completing puzzles. So, as long as the puzzle pieces are all there, why not pass it onto a friend? It doesn’t have to be a birthday or Christmas present, but you can still share the love and pass a puzzle on.

jigsaw puzzle

So there you have it.

5 ways to reuse a puzzle.

Alternatively, you can make yourself a tea, start your next puzzle, and just add to the puzzle skyscraper in your house.

It's up to you...

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