Australia's Top Selling Mystery Fiction This Week

Check out our list of the top selling mystery fiction novels in Australia for this week. Do you know a mystery fan? You might find the perfect present on the list for Christmas ūüéĄ

Check out the full list below¬†ūüĎá



1. Better Off Dead by Lee Child & Andrew Child

Jack Reacher, "the coolest series character" (Stephen King), returns in a brand new, pulse-pounding read from Lee and Andrew Child. 


2. The Dark Hours by Michael Connelly

LAPD Detective Renee Ballard seeks shelter from the traditional rain of lead as hundreds of revellers shoot their guns into the air. Minutes later, Ballard is called to a scene where a hardworking auto shop owner has been fatally hit by a bullet in the middle of a crowded street party. Ballard must look outside to the one detective she can count on: Harry Bosch. As the two determined detectives join forces, they cannot relax their guard. The brutal predators they track won't hesitate to kill to keep their secrets hidden.


3. Fear No Evil by James Patterson

The new novel in the globally bestselling Alex Cross series

Alex Cross ventures into the rugged Montana wilderness - where he will be the prey. No backup. No way out. Fear no evil.


4. The One Impossible Labyrinth: Novel 7 by Matthew Reilly

It all comes down to this. For it ends here - now - in the most lethal and dangerous place Jack has encountered in all of his many adventures. And in the face of this indescribable peril, with everything on the line, there is only one thing he can do. Attempt the impossible. In the spectacular series finale, Jack West Jr must master the world's greatest maze to save the world.


5. The Judge's List by John Grisham

From the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author, a new legal thriller about a man who might be the most criminal sitting judge in American history. As an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct, Lacy Stoltz sees plenty of corruption among the men and women elected to the bench. In The Whistler, she took on a crime syndicate that was paying millions to a crooked judge. Now, in The Judge's List, the crimes are even worse. The man hiding behind the black robe is not taking bribes - but he may be taking lives. The Judge's List - you don't want to be on it


6. The Devil's Sea by Clive Cussler

From the depths of the Pacific to the heights of the Himalayas, only Dirk Pitt and his children, Summer and Dirk Jr., can unravel the mysteries that will preserve a religion, save a nation... and save the world from war.


7. Never by Ken Follett

A stolen US army drone. A shrinking oasis in the Sahara Desert. A secret stash of deadly chemicals. Each is a threat to the stability of the world but individually are problems that can be overcome. In the diplomatic arena though, everyone will have a different way of dealing with such a threat. And when those in charge disagree and refuse to back down, it will kick off an international chain reaction with potentially catastrophic consequences: a world edging closer to war…


8. Mercy by David Baldacci

Mercy is the gripping follow up to Long Road to Mercy, A Minute to Midnight and Daylight featuring Special Agent Atlee Pine from one of the world’s most favourite thriller writers, David Baldacci. THE HUNT IS FINALLY OVER.


9. Autopsy by Patricia Cornwell

Scarpetta is back! In this twenty-fifth in the electrifying, landmark #1 bestselling thriller series chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta hunts an ingenious killer who has mastered cutting-edge science for the most nefarious ends.


10. Treasure and Dirt by Chris Hammer 

In the desolate outback town of Finnigans Gap, police struggle to maintain law and order. Thieves pillage opal mines, religious fanatics recruit vulnerable young people and billionaires do as they please. Then an opal miner is found crucified and left to rot down his mine. Sydney homicide detective Ivan Lucic is sent to investigate. As time runs out, their only chance at redemption is to find the killer. But the more secrets they uncover, the more harrowing the mystery becomes. For in Finnigans Gap, opals, bodies and secrets don't stay buried forever.


List Summary:

1. Better Off Dead

2. The Dark Hours

3. Fear No Evil

4. The One Impossible Labyrinth: Novel 7

5. The Judge's List

6. The Devil's Sea

7. Never

8. Mercy

9. Autopsy

10. Treasure and Dirt



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